Resource Dynamics Corporation

Business Areas

Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power

Since 1980, we have helped numerous clients position themselves in the distributed generation  marketplace, through evaluation of end use markets, technologies and equipment; site identification; and regulatory and feasibility studies. We have produced numerous studies that analyzed both the market and technical potential for distributed generation technologies. In addition, we have created software programs and training modules that helped stakeholders understand the applicability of distributed generation, and we have provided strategic planning and expert testimony on issues related to distributed generation.

RDC has been involved in numerous projects over the last 25 years examining distributed generation.  RDC conducted the USDOE’s first market study on micropower applications of distributed generation in 1999.  More recently, RDC was selected by national laboratory in a competitive solicitation to support DOE’s work on opportunity fuels for distributed generation.

Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels

We develop technology and market assessments on emerging, unconventional (opportunity) fuels including landfill gas, digester gas, and fuels made from biomass, and also other renewable technologies like photovoltaics. RDC has also performed a number of studies on hydrogen production and the potential for a hydrogen infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency and Emerging Technologies

RDC helps industrial and commercial end-users, governmental organizations, power suppliers and trade associations understand the importance of emerging technologies and energy efficient processes and technologies. We develop technology and market assessments, guides, technical handbooks, training modules, case studies, tip sheets, and economic analyses that provide meaningful insights into improving the efficiency and productivity of industrial and commercial systems and understanding emerging technologies.


Energy Management Systems and Energy Assessments

We help industrial, institutional, and large commercial energy consumers save energy.  RDC helps companies understand how they use energy, implement management systems to improve energy efficiency, and conduct energy assessments to develop energy savings recommendations.  We also conduct feasibility studies for distributed generation and combined heat and power.