Resource Dynamics Corporation

About Us

The Resource Dynamics Corporation (RDC) creates business solutions that empower clients to compete effectively in changing energy markets. Often, these involve evaluating the role of new technologies. Senior staff members have both business and engineering backgrounds - we combine these strengths to create innovative business solutions for energy technologies and markets. RDC utilizes an extensive set of tools, including proprietary databases and models. 

RDC has entered its 34th year in the energy consulting business. Meeting the needs of our clients has always been our top priority, and we have consistently delivered outstanding consulting services and products that enable our clients to reach their goals. Our clients include electric and gas utilities, independent power producers, financial institutions, law firms, equipment vendors, trade associations and government agencies. Additionally, we have worked for international institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, International Energy Agency, Ontario Hydro, BC Hydro, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

Our staff’s business and technical expertise facilitates an understanding of the strategic business and technical needs of the electric power and natural gas industries, and how changing markets, technologies and regulations drive decisions. Through effective planning and implementation-oriented services, we help our clients stay competitive in the ever-changing energy marketplace. 

RDC has proven models and data sets that accurately project the potential for different technologies, taking into account factors like sector adoption, application types, size ranges, and regions.  These models also consider the price and performance of technologies, electricity deregulation, and emissions regulations.  These models have been applied for analysis of distributed generation, heat pumps, and other commercial and industrial applications.

Key Staff

Paul L. Lemar, Jr., President

Mr. Lemar manages projects to develop and support marketing strategies for utility retail operations, energy service companies, equipment manufacturers, and customer groups. He is currently advising a group of small businesses on aggregation issues and opportunities. Mr. Lemar has over 25 years of experience in advising business customers and utilities in managing energy use, assessing new energy technology, and developing strategic plans. He provides utilities with assistance in developing marketing programs for customer groups ranging from large industrials to small businesses such as auto body shops and dry cleaners, and applies financing as a strategic asset for many of these customers. Mr. Lemar holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA, both from the University of Maryland.